By grouping school districts by county, CTS can significantly reduce costs while maintaining the highest level of care and safety for children with special needs. CTS leverages its vast network of Connecticut providers to introduce a “Zoned Pricing’ model for Specialized Student Transportation.



For 25 years, CTS has utilized their unique approach of developing customized solutions for each mode of Specialized Student Transportation, catering to children with Special Needs, McKinney-Vento, Foster Care and students experiencing homelessness.


With an average per student cost of $35,000 a year, “Zoned Pricing” reduces fuel consumption, travel time, insurance premiums, vehicle maintenance, as well as student monitors and nursing aid expenses by as much as 30%.


Implementing “Zoned Pricing” streamlines the process of securing Specialized Student Transportation. As a one-stop shop, CTS will manage every aspect of your Specialized Student Transportation program, freeing your staff from fielding complaints, call outs, route planning, scheduling, acquiring student monitors, nurses aides and special modes of transportation.

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