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School districts have entrusted CTS with the responsibility of managing student transportation for children with special needs since 1997. CTS employees and transportation providers are committed to meeting the unique and specific transportation needs of children and youth who are living with disabilities or are in homeless situations by helping them experience the educational stability needed to attain their life goals.

Transportation management services to schedule out-of-district trips arranged by CTS are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student. Ongoing communication between CTS, staff at the Board of Education, transportation providers, parents and students assures that our services stand out.


Our Model

We believe our model, which includes transparency and open communication, working together with you, the students, their families and caregivers and our credentialed and contracted transportation providers results in seamless trips that support students realizing their potential. CTS’ number one priority is the safety of students and the safeguarding and security of confidential student data.

Students, their families, and their school can rest easy knowing that CTS manages all aspects of the transportation, start to finish.

Technology & Training

CTS offers real-time GPS vehicle tracking to our customers, empowering students and their families with the information required to have a better and more comfortable ride experience. Any vehicle in the system whose driver is running the Driver App can be seen by student families, school officials and CTS personnel and users can view the location of the vehicle that is picking them up, along with the ETA. Detailed trip reporting for Title I Reporting is also available to student families and school personnel upon request.

To better serve Members, CTS also works within our transportation provider network to offer trainings and share information to keep them current and better able to improve service levels. The transportation providers in our network are offered training through our Provider Relations Department in-person and webinars through our web-based Provider Portal, with GoToMeeting technology. Required training topics include Civil Rights, HIPAA/PHI Confidentiality, and Cultural Sensitivity.


Educational Associations and Memberships

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We are happy to assist you in your transportation needs, no matter how big or small the project. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to demonstrating our capacity to serve you.

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