Studies have shown that providing transportation services to Medicare customers has contributed to lower healthcare costs, better outcomes, and positive impact on Star Ratings. In the past two years, more Medicare programs have begun offering transportation benefits, although it is not yet a requirement. However, as the Baby Boomer generation is starting to fill that population, we predict the demand for transportation services under Medicare will increase exponentially over the next decade.


State Medicaid Program

CTS works with government agencies to develop comprehensive transportation programs to effectively serve Medicaid members. We customize each program with a state-of-the art contact center, a fully developed transportation network, reaching all corners of the state. Our expertise in developing and managing transportation resources results in seamless coverage in both rural and urban areas and offers a variety of modal choice for members including public transit, mileage reimbursement, volunteer drivers, ride-share, taxi/livery, wheelchair and ambulance.

Our goal at CTS is to leave no member behind.  Our real-time technology tools offer a view into the vehicle as it is dispatched and en route.

Managed Care

A partnership with CTS goes beyond doctor visits. We work with stakeholders to create transportation programs that extend to social destinations and fulfill individual care plans. Connecting people with family and community has been proven to contribute to better health and improve quality of life. CTS is dedicated to connecting people to care. [Read More…]

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We are committed to eliminating fraud, waste and abuse within the NET industry. Our Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Prevention Program is comprised of proven policies and procedures that minimize the potential for FWA to occur. Our Compliance Committee conducts investigations into matters concerning NET service delivery by researching and documenting information, data, records, and other sources and reviews issues/complaints from members and health care facilities.

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