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Our contracted and credentialed network of nearly 250 transportation providers offers taxi/livery, wheelchair accessible and ambulance services for our managed care partners.  On-demand transportation options are enhanced by the use of advanced technology integrated into our traditional provider network as well as our agreement with Lyft, and robust friends and family mileage reimbursement and public transit programs.

Our 25 years of experience creating transportation solutions for Medicaid and Medicare programs means that we have experience with vulnerable populations. These dual-eligible members tend to be frail and face mobility barriers, such as needing extra assistance getting in and out of their homes or vehicles, hearing impairments, or difficulty remembering appointments. We are able to positively impact health outcomes by delivering high-quality transportation services that connect individuals to the services they need through:

  • CSRs who are experienced and trained to recognize and respond to each individual’s unique challenges,
  • New scheduling software solutions that use member profile and preference help to determine the most appropriate mode of transport based on the circumstances of each caller
  • Our contracted and credentialed provider network trained in passenger safety and sensitivity, using safe and clean vehicles



  • Reduction in surcharges

  • Rural transportation access for patients and members

  • Collaboration with LYFT to offer diverse transportation services

  • ACAP preferred vendor status

  • Emphasis on continual reduction in Medicaid program costs

  • Collaboration with MCOs to address challenges of providing transportation

  • Fully staffed offices with knowledgeable and courteous representatives

  • Mobility management services you can count on

CTS works closely with our health plans to address the challenges of providing transportation across an entire service area. Through our efforts and initiatives CTS has achieved preferred vendor status.  We have been an Association of Affiliated Community Plans (ACAP) Preferred Transportation Vendor since 2009. This status is achieved on the recommendation of two ACAP member plans and can be revoked at the request of just one plan.

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