Our expertise in developing and managing transportation programs results in seamless coverage in both rural and urban areas with a variety of modal choice for your patients, including public transit, mileage reimbursement, volunteer drivers, taxi/livery, wheelchair and ambulance.


Helping health facilities and hospitals contribute to better community health

While care delivery is an essential aspect in health facilities and hospitals, there is a growing recognition that improving transportation access and support for patients can help improve health outcomes and lower health costs. Due to their reach and influence, hospitals and health systems are well positioned to make a positive impact on the health outcomes of the communities they serve by addressing transportation issues. This growing trend has captivated the initiatives of CTS and thus has created purpose-driven modes of transportation that can directly impact community health and change the narrative on health facilities and hospital transportation effectiveness for members and patients in the community.

Research has shown that accessing transportation for routine medical appointments has been a struggle for 3.6 million individuals annually. CTS is committed to enhance the patient/member experience by working with hospitals and health facilities, both rural and inner city-based, to combat not only the member missed appointments but also develop an inclusive approach to accessing healthcare through diverse transportation modes catered to address the needs and challenges of health facility and hospital patients.

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