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People with unique medical requirements need access to services, but medical programs don’t always provide transportation. That’s where we come in. CTS provides professional transportation services for individuals on Medicaid and Medicare, including dual-eligible, low-income seniors and disabled users.



Improving access to healthcare through technological advances and our customer-focused initiatives creates a comprehensive approach to providing efficient transportation while coordinating our credentialed provider network to understand the needs of specific patients.

The CTS Advantage

With 25 years of experience developing a person-centric service delivery model, CTS is your partner for healthcare transportation. CTS customizes solutions for your Members to remove transportation barriers to improved health outcomes. The CTS Advantage incorporates industry experience with new technologies to create effective and efficient transportation systems for Medicaid/Medicare programs, healthcare facilities, and not-for-profit organizations, and will continue to pioneer industry best practices. CTS stands with you to reduce the 3.6 million missed medical appointments annually and will continue to put people first and connect them with care.

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We are happy to assist you in your transportation needs, no matter how big or small the project. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to demonstrating our capacity to serve you.

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